Whether your back pain is mild or severe, it can disrupt your daily life. If you’re dealing with back pain, chiropractic care can help. You can get treatment for your back pain at Carolinas Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab. We have locations in Pineville and Waxhaw and we can find a treatment that’s right for you.

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What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain is a common complaint with many causes. While back pain can be caused by an injury, it can also be caused by other factors that put stress on the back. Pinched nerves, bad posture, and mattresses that don’t provide proper support can all lead to back pain. When the muscles in your back are weak, your back won’t have much support. In addition, if the joints in your spine are out of alignment, it can keep your back from functioning properly.

How Chiropractic Care Can Treat Back Pain

Whether your pain is caused by strained muscles, a slipped disc, or a compressed nerve, a chiropractor can help. Chiropractors can treat nearly all types of back pain. When you see a chiropractor for the first time, we will examine your spine closely to find out what’s causing your pain.

Once your chiropractor has taken a closer look at your back, we will use a variety of therapies to improve spinal function. Chiropractic adjustments can correct any misalignments in the spine. This can improve joint function and may also be used to treat issues like compressed nerves.

When to Seek Back Pain Treatment

Nearly everyone experiences back pain at one point or another, but if your back pain is interfering with your ability to complete everyday activities, you should consider seeing a chiropractor. Chiropractic services can help you manage your pain and regain any mobility that you’ve lost.

It’s also smart to talk to a chiropractor if you’re experiencing back pain after an injury. Injuries don’t always heal properly on their own and without the proper care, an injury could become worse over time. A chiropractor can examine your back and tell you more about your injury.

Learn More About Our Chiropractic Services in North Carolina

Back pain isn’t something that you have to live with. If you need back pain treatment, get the care you need at Carolinas Chiropractic and Spinal Rehab. Whether you visit us at our location in Pineville or Waxhaw, we will provide the natural and effective care that you need to eliminate your back pain. Call our team today at (704) 243-1010 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.